Four Moons Burgundy Earrings - Neena Jewellery
Four Moons Burgundy Earrings - Neena Jewellery

Four Moons Burgundy Earrings

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The Neo Native collection combines sophistication and manual work, proposing a mix and match of textures that became differentials for Gissa Bicalho's summer. 

Handmade earrings made with acrylic, straw and metal. It's hand moulded and created with love for creative people. This piece is special because it has a perfect mix & match of materials that made important personalities in fashion, as Olivia Palermo, wear it. 

With a slight ethnicity, the collection reveals the Brazilian origins and even the indigenous culture that is a great heritage for the country. The collection talks about the desired ideals for society, which are union and empathy, believing that if they are achieved, will produce good results for all involved.

With an emphasis on warm colours, earthy tones are explored vastly within the chart, which, added to black and green and orange details, provokes contrast and brightens the look.


Length: 3.00 cm
Width:    3.50 cm 
Material: Acrylic

We are committed to only the best quality, as we work hand in hand with our carefully chosen manufacturers. Our jewellery is handcrafted and to achieve our quality standards, we have consistent and strict quality controls.


Caring for your pieces will help ensure its beauty, lustre and longevity. Here are some helpful tips from us on how to care for and maintain Neena’s jewellery.

Our jewellery is covered with a thick layer of 18-carat gold or rhodium, a minimum of 3 microns thick, guaranteeing high-quality and long life to your jewellery, yet it is still important for you to follow our care instructions:

  1. Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotions, hair sprays or other chemicals.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight, heat or cold, especially stay away from humidity.
  3. Remove your jewellery before showering, bathing or swimming, as well as rings before hand-washing to keep it shiny for longer.
  4. Remove jewellery when participating in physical activities.
  5. Remove your pieces before going to bed to avoid any accidents that may cause damage to the pieces.
  6. Store your jewellery pieces in a cool, dry place in a box or pouch.

Handle with care, your jewellery beauty will last much longer.

Azulerde and Gissa Bicalho: Cleaning – Use a dry cotton cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Avoid splashing and prolonged contact with alcohol, perfume, cosmetics and chlorinated salt water.

Feito de Nó Pieces required a different care, please check it out on the pieces details.  If you have question please get in touch with us at


All the pieces in our jewellery collection come with a one-year warranty from their date of purchase.

Particularly concerned and attentive to the quality of our jewellery and the well-being of our customers. Our entire Neena jewellery collection is made with nickel-Free, cadmium- Free, and lead-FREE, hypoallergenic, and safe from toxins all with accordance to European regulations.

*Please note, some people are still allergic to noble metals such as silver, gold, copper, among others. We advise that people who are hypersensitive to metal allergies don't wear our jewellery. For more information, please contact us.

Please note, the warranty does not apply to defects or damages caused by improper use or negligence. The warranty does not cover any stone loss, it is just for plated issue.

  1. Our customer service first checks the picture to see whether the defect is a warranty claim.
  2. In the event of a warranty claim, you will receive a free return receipt to send the item to our Complaint and Warranty Department.
  3. Please also fill out the warranty form completely and put it in the package. The application serves to identify your return and is therefore extremely important.
  4. Our warranty department will review the case within 7 days of receipt and will repair/replace the item free of charge if necessary.


Have you accidentally broken your jewellery or have you another jewellery care question? Contact us at We will do our best to make your jewellery glow as new. (when it is possible).

If your jewellery has lost its gold tone and you still love them, contact us at, and find out more information about our plating service, with which you will be able to make your pieces shine again like they did when you bought them.

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