About us!


Neena is a sustainable, luxury jewellery brand with a big heart. We are passionate about celebrating the beauty of our Brazilian roots and create elegant, eco-luxe pieces that will be loved for a lifetime.

Neena is…

For the brave and beautiful!

We pride ourselves in being much more than a jewellery brand – our pieces represent a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of feeling. Our name Neena was inspired by the name ‘Nina’, which, in the native Brazilian language of Tupi-guarani, means ‘Graceful’ and ‘Fire’, representing the beauty and bravery found inside every woman.

We created our jewellery collection with a desire to bring happiness, confidence, and power to women around the world through unique jewellery designs. Our jewellery can change the way we feel inside, evoke raw emotions, and this is something incredibly special.

Neena is…

A force for mother nature!

From the depths of the Amazon to the tropical Cerrado savanna, Brazil is home to some of mother nature’s most beautiful flora which we celebrate in our elegant jewellery collection. Without this rich biodiversity, our brand wouldn’t exist. At Neena, we are passionate about protecting our planet and its resources for future generations, and we embrace environmentally friendly practices across all areas of our jewellery creation.

Read our environmental statement here.

Neena is…

For every woman!

Neena is a woman-owned business, for women! Not only are we passionate about empowering our female customers, but we are actively working to support female designers and creators who share our beliefs and values. Our new ‘Designers Do Brazil’ collection honours 3 incredibly talented female artists from different regions of Brazil.

Read about our ‘Designers Do Brazil’ collection here.


Olá, I’m Aline, the founder of Neena.

The story of Neena starts with my home country, Brazil. I have such a strong connection to this place and wanted to honour it in a creative and beautiful way.

Neena was born out of a personal journey of discovery. Before Neena, I was feeling low on self-esteem and confidence. I was a person who would only wear simple pearl stud earrings and was reluctant to draw attention to myself.

Gradually, I started playing with statement accessories and slowly I began to share my personality with the world.

The feeling that these pieces of jewellery gave me is something so precious. I felt like I could be my true self, secure with who I am, and that is something so special.

I wanted to share this incredible gift with other women, and with the help of my close friend (also called Aline), from our new home in London, Neena was born!

Although Aline is no longer a part of our journey, she has made Neena what it is today.

These beautiful jewellery collections are very close to my heart, and I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as I enjoyed curated them.

With love,