Collection: Carnaúba Palm Tree Bags - Eco Friendly

We are pleased launch our first bags collection! 🌿

Carnauba  leaf crafts are the source of 100% income for the entire village of Cabreiro in the Municipality of Aracati - Ceara.

With the art of creating and braiding, the artisans keep the tradition alive, passed from generation to generation.  Our bags are 100% handcrafted from straw harvesting, drying, production and finishing.

Carnauba Palm Tree is a spectacular 100% Brazilian tree.

It is an abundant tree in the northeast Brazil, which has multiple uses and from which several products are derived, whether cosmetic, food, medicinal, artisanal or for domestic use.

The material! 

The Carnauba Palm Tree - The carnauba forests form forests that havr important functions such as:

* maintaining the ecological balance of the region

* the conservation of soils, fauna, water courses and water sources.

* enhances soil productivity and properties, preserving soil moisture and fertility and protecting it against erosion

* favors water storage.

Everything in carnauba is sustainable!

Economic, ecological and cruelty-free practice, because the extraction of raw materials from this palm tree does not harm the environment, people or animals.

Some examples of this are:

* Carnauba straws are removed in a way that does not harm the plant and are dried in the sun, without consumption and use of polluting means.

* With the extraction of the wax, the waste that is not used becomes vegetable fertilizer, enriching the soil.

* Furthermore, carnauba is important for the balance of the biome of which it is part and also contributes to the local economy, and the products of this palm are even exported to several countries.