Neena Designers do Brazil is an exclusive handmade collection in partnership with the most talented Brazilian Women artists from different regions of Brazil.
We are thrilled to have on board:
Azulerde by Karla Batista, a contemporary design create mostly made from the solid waste recovered from companies in RECIFE - PE, Northeast of Brazil.
Gissa Bicalho, a globally renowned designer, from Belo Horizonte- MG, Southeast of Brazil. Her colourful pieces are more than an accessory, you wear a piece of art that combines architecture and nature.
Feito de N贸聽combining design and concern for the environment, Elaine Leite, the designer, brings light and sophisticated accessories in natural fibre聽100% natural dyes extracted from renewable sources.

Designers do Brazil Collection is more than a piece of jewellery, it is art, manifesto & support of local culture. Choose your favourites and Shop Now!!!