Neena Designers do Brazil is an exclusive handmade collection in partnership with the most talented Brazilian Women artists from different regions of Brazil.
We are thrilled to have on board:
Azulerde by Karla Batista, a contemporary design create mostly made from the solid waste recovered from companies in RECIFE - PE, Northeast of Brazil.
Gissa Bicalho, a globally renowned designer, from Belo Horizonte- MG, Southeast of Brazil. Her colourful pieces are more than an accessory, you wear a piece of art that combines architecture and nature.
Feito de Nó combining design and concern for the environment, Elaine Leite, the designer, brings light and sophisticated accessories in natural fibre 100% natural dyes extracted from renewable sources.

Designers do Brazil Collection is more than a piece of jewellery, it is art, manifesto & support of local culture. Choose your favourites and Shop Now!!!