Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion, a growing trend!

Fashion and sustainability - a partnership that has an increasing adhesion among the most varied brands. But for what reason?

The fashion market offers a universe of possibilities and styles. What to wear, who to wear, why to wear? In addition to fashion trends, quality and price, a factor that has influenced the purchase decision is the origin of the product. What raw material is it made of? Has the environment been impacted by its extraction? Are production processes conscious and sustainable? Is there a concern about the waste and reuse of the materials used? Does the used labor have its rights guaranteed?

Our planet calls for help and if we want to see it healthy we need to understand that the responsibility belongs to everyone who is part of this chain: producers and consumers. The decision is up to each of us.

The good news is that the number of people willing to change their lifestyle, production and consumption habits is growing. This trend has been spreading to all segments of the economy and has also reached the fashion world.

Sustainable fashion has arrived to serve this market segment that is increasingly conscious and engaged. Many brands have adopted new forms of production that contribute to the preservation of the planet, reducing waste, treating and reusing water, buying only from suppliers with the same purpose and having a humanised relationship with their employees, suppliers and customers.

In the opposite direction of exacerbated consumerism, profit as the main value, fashion has a lot to offer and to teach. In addition to trends, you need to understand why we produce, sell or buy. We are not the center of the universe. We are part of it and depend on it to survive. We need to do our part!

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What a great concept! Wish more brands would adopt this! Thank you Neena 😍

Diana Borkovskyte

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